Saturday February 11 2023

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The Queen of Dusk: Puriya Dhanashree

The Queen of Dusk: Puriya Dhanashree

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Brighten up your weekend with the Dog Photography Awards winners.

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Team Champaca recommends quick reads under 250 pages.

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The best new releases to binge-watch over the weekend.

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(Crowd)Strike Out!

July 22 2024

Around 8.5 million computers worldwide crashed on Friday—due to a security software update.

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That’s News To Me

July 19 2024

Why news is like oysters, and how that affects the subscription business of digital media.

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Bad News Rising

July 18 2024

The digital news business is slowly falling apart worldwide—because it simply doesn’t make money.

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Kota Falls

July 17 2024

India’s coaching mecca—Kota—is haemorrhaging students even as edtech flails. Wtf and why?

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