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Splainer FAQs!


Email us at talktous@splainer.in to sort all payment related problems. And we will take care of it ASAP!

Mail filters are notoriously unreliable, and often randomly send emails to spam etc. Here are a few things you need to do to ensure consistent delivery since there is no one failsafe method unfortunately!
  • On your phone—be it on the Gmail app or Apple mail—you can select the last email you received from talktous@splainer.in and hit "Mark as Important".
  • If you don’t see the last mail in your Primary Inbox, please check your Promotions/Spam folder. If you find the daily splainer there, please “Mark as Important” and move the mail so Gmail learns this is important to you.
  • Add talktous@splainer.in to your contacts list. Hover over the email address on this email and hit “Add to Contacts.” Or if you are on the iPhone, add this email ID to your VIP contacts.
If this is a significant pain point, you can also opt to receive a notification via WhatsApp. Please email us with your number at talktous@splainer.in

Please email us at talktous@splainer.in. We can check if we missed adding you to our broadcast group. You will also need to add our number to your contacts. Please email us to get that number as we do not publish it on our public website.


Just hop on over to our subscriptions page, and sign right up for one of our packages.

Please go to your account — at the very right on the navigation bar. It has all the information on your subscription. Just click on the ‘Change’ button and select ‘cancel’. Please note: we do not refund subscriptions. Your subscription will remain valid for the period paid, but will not be renewed after the end date.

Please go to your account — at the very right on the navigation bar. It has all the information on your subscription.

Please go to your account — at the very right on the navigation bar. It has all the information on your subscription. Just click on the ‘Change’ button and select the subscription type.

You can gift either a quarterly or annual subscription on our subscriptions page.

Daily notifications

Nope. We will send you an email teaser right after the daily edition is published — between 9:30-10:00 am every day!

Please email us at talktous@splainer.in with your phone number, and we will set it up for you.

Referral program

We rely on people like you to thrive and grow. We ask you to share your love for splainer by signing up your friends and fam. And we thank you in turn with a token of our appreciation.

Like every splainer subscriber, you have a special URL with a unique referral code. You can find it either at the bottom of your daily splainer email or on your account page—located on the very right of the navigation bar.

Copy/paste that link every time you tell anyone about splainer—be it via email, WhatsApp, Facebook or Insta or Twitter. We keep track of everyone who signed up using your special code. It gives the person receiving the link an option to either take splainer on a free ride for a month or to sign up for our paid subscriptions. When ten people sign up for paid yearly splainer subscriptions, we offer you a thank you gift: 12 additional months of splainer. Just email us at talktous@splainer.in to claim it:)

You can track your tally on your account page—available at the very right on the navigation bar. It will tell you how many people signed up using your link, how many gifts you are eligible for, and how many gifts you have already claimed. You can hit ‘claim’ any time you hit a multiple of ten—i.e. 20, 30, 40 etc.

Founding membership

A founding member is a highly valued member of the splainer club — a network of super-smart and talented people who have supported us from the very start. It is a great way to connect to an amazing set of people across the country and the world. We say thank you for that support in a variety of fun and engaging ways. You can check out the various options on our founding members page.

Nooo! These are lifetime memberships. You always remain a founding member. But that annual subscription you receive when you sign up will run out in a year.

Just email us at talktous@splainer.in with a list of names and email addresses. We will get in touch with these people, and get the details needed to add them to our subscriber database. You should expect the process to take a few days — and it will depend on the time it takes for your giftees to respond.

Nope. These gift offers are valid for as long as you choose to remain a founding member. You can claim as many and whenever you want.