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Week 2

Doha Diaries

July 13 2024

Fawzia Khan introduces us to the lesser-known and no less luxurious delights of Doha.

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Darker Shade of Dior

July 12 2024

If you're a luxury brand, why opt for sweatshops in Bangladesh when you have them in Milan?

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Pet Subjects

July 11 2024

There's been a shift in dogs' relationship with science—from torturous tests to compassion.

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Miseducation of Munjal

July 10 2024

The future of edtech appears cloudy even as the Kota factories churn on. What went wrong?

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Tourist Begone!

July 9 2024

We look at summer ‘overtourism’ and why it’s now a focus of public anger around the world.

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French Twist

July 8 2024

Amid fears of a French Far-Right victory, it was the Left alliance that came out on top.

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Week 1

Garden of Pleasure

July 6 2024

Birds and blooms—gardens of paradise in Mughal art.

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Rewards of Labour

July 5 2024

A staggering defeat for the Tories ushers in a new era for British politics.

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Panic of Crowds

July 4 2024

An appalling 121 people died in the so-called ‘stampede’ in Hathras. And it is not an isolated incident.

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A New K-Drama

July 3 2024

The Hindenburg-Adani-SEBI tangled web of stock market shorting has added a new name in Kotak.

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A Few Old Men

July 2 2024

Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance seems to cement a return to power for Donald Trump.

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We Are the Champions

July 1 2024

India swept the T20 World Cup in a thrilling final in Barbados, ending a long trophy drought.

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title dog iceditor’s picks

Decoding the Lok Sabha Speaker election

The Big Story

The Speaker’s role will be crucial this term in managing a potentially fractious Lok Sabha.

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Photography fused with Warli painting by Gauri Gill and Rajesh Vangad

Sanity Break

A unique blend of Warli painting and photography by Gauri Gill and Rajesh Vangad.

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Smart & Curious

Smart and Curious

Fruit-shaped bus stops in Japan, whacky anti-cheating hats, and chewing gum for sharp jaws.

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Global decline in fertility rates, explained

The Big Story

In recent decades, the world has witnessed a dramatic and unprecedented change: women are having far fewer children than ever before.

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