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Week 1

Freeze frame

June 1 2023

The quaint and often amusing history of ice houses built by colonial burra sahibs desperate for a chilled chota peg.

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title dog iceditor’s picks

Say hello to our spanking new parliament!

The Big Story

We look at what this new citadel of Indian democracy looks like–and why so many people are unhappy with it.

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The ‘Monkey Cap Rap’ by Nikhil Kini

Sanity Break

Here’s the ‘Monkey Cap Rap’ by Nikhil Kini—a true gem in music-making.

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Smart & Curious

Smart and Curious

Japanese relearn how to smile, apes liking spinning and the Indian heir to France.

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Great alarm over Uncle Sam’s unpaid bills

The Big Story

Why is everyone worried about the debt ceiling drama in the US?

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