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Week 1

Lucknow Express

February 4 2023

48 hours in Lucknow.

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Weighty Matters

February 3 2023

A diabetes drug causes speedy weight loss—reigniting a prickly debate over obesity.

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I’m A Wanderer!

February 2 2023

Did the Bharat Jodo Yatra alter Rahul Gandhi's political fortunes or that of his party?

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Yatri Number One

February 1 2023

We look at the Bharat Jodo Yatra and why Rahul Gandhi decided to take a very long walk.

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title dog iceditor’s picks

Bollywood woes: The ‘Pathaan’ edition

The Big Story

SRK is back amid boycott calls, attacks and flops. Can he help save Bollywood?

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‘So Long, Already. Again.’ by Anoushka Maskey

Sanity Break

Anoushka Maskey’s dreamy single about a long-distance relationship.

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Smart & Curious

Smart and Curious

A sax performance during brain surgery, the Blonsky Device and a smart potty.

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The great gas stove debate in the US

The Big Story

US is considering health regulations on gas stoves thanks to the pollution it causes.

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