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Week 4

High Stakes Voting

April 25 2024

If the BJP loses ground in Karnataka, it will have serious implications for the party, Modi, and Hindutva.

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Flying Into Trouble

April 24 2024

Bird flu is not new but its recent unprecedented spread is raising fears of a deadly mutation.

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Maha Adchan

April 23 2024

Why is the BJP looking weak and beleaguered in a key swing state.

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Sun Damage

April 22 2024

The lesser known problem of recycling solar panels.

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 New Indian Voter

April 21 2024

Unemployment is a major talking point in every election—but how much weight does it carry for Indian voters?

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Week 3

Chaar Sau Bees

April 20 2024

A master bhang sherbet maker shares trade secrets and sweet recipes.

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First Time Voter

April 19 2024

A lively look back at our pehla election of 1951. We’ve come a long way.

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Noah’s Gotta New Ark

April 18 2024

Scientists are trying to alter the evolutionary course of animals—so they can survive it.

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The Long Game

April 17 2024

The BJP is expending astonishing amounts of energy on Tamil Nadu this election season—and it’s all about 2029.

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Dying Young

April 16 2024

Early-onset cancer has been steadily rising but scientists have no clue why this is happening.

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Eye For An Eye

April 15 2024

Will the spiral of vengeance between Israel and Iran result in an all out war?

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The Persuaders

April 14 2024

Are campaign consultants master manipulators or just good marketing pros?

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Week 2

Maximise Mumbai

April 13 2024

Here’s part one of a comprehensive guide to Bombay’s bustling culture scene.

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Passport Privilege

April 12 2024

Many governments are shutting down golden visa/passport programs—and it is especially bad news for the Indian elite.

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Junta Sinking

April 11 2024

The all-powerful Myanmar military is actually not so powerful anymore.

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Disappearing Sun

April 10 2024

A visual essay on the history of eclipses in art around the world.

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Cyber Slaves

April 9 2024

Internet has birthed a new form of trafficking where victims are tortured & forced to execute online scams.

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Mountain of Discontent

April 8 2024

After celebrating the revocation of Article 370 in 2019, why is Ladakh protesting now?

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The Feku Election

April 7 2024

Political parties have devised inventive ways to use deepfakes. How will they be deployed in the Lok Sabha elections?

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Week 1

Ladies Lockup

April 6 2024

Heart-rending, harrowing and humanising—stories of women in Indian jails.

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Only the Lonely

April 5 2024

How do we measure and define loneliness? The answers aren’t very straightforward.

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Dying to Know

April 4 2024

What happens to us when we are dying? According to the latest research, quite a lot.

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Stranded at Sea

April 3 2024

The many Indian sailors who work as modern-day slaves on cargo ships.

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(Not) Treasure Island

April 2 2024

Why the Katchatheevu island matters & how its connected to Indian fishermen that end up in Sri Lankan jails.

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Telling Tall Tales

April 1 2024

Netflix’s ‘3 Body Problem’ based on a sci-fi novel from China has pissed off the Chinese.

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title dog iceditor’s picks

Looking back at our pehla, pehla vote

The Big Story

A lively look back at our pehla election of 1951. We’ve come a long way.

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Coke Studio Pakistan’s latest ‘Aayi Aayi’

Sanity Break

A Sindhi banger from Coke Studio Pakistan to start your weekend!

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Smart & Curious

Smart and Curious

A space garbage truck, Ayatollah Khomeini’s Indian origins & Chinese company’s ‘unhappy leave’.

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Iran vs Israel: Is this all-out war?

The Big Story

Will the spiral of vengeance between Israel and Iran result in an all out war?

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