Life Before Splainer

You’re a super-smart, curious person and love being well-informed. Your phone is buzzing with a stream of app notifications, Whatsapp forwards and tweets. It’s just relentless: the sheer volume of news. It’s incredibly loud… and, dear god, there is so much of it! Why does it have to be noisy and exhausting? It's time to KonMari your news... declutter and spark a bit of joy!

Life After Splainer

Each morning, you click on the daily edition that lands in your inbox — or WhatsApp if you prefer. You get the big picture, analysis and best reporting on that one big story everyone’s talking about. Catch up on key headlines, and discover a wealth of cool, funny, smart reads and videos from across the globe. There is zero jargon and no rants - and all of it's served with a generous dose of cheeky humour that makes you lol! It’s easy, painless and (hallelujah!) fun. In fact, you have such a good time, we promise that you'll miss us on the weekends! Have questions? Click right here.

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Meet the team!

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Lakshmi Chaudhry

I founded Broadsheet Daily and earlier co-founded My past work life includes working and writing for lots of places, including Wired, the Nation, Vogue, Columbia Journalism Review etc.

As for the rest, I live with a badly behaved menagerie that includes one child, two dogs and a boyfriend—who test my superhuman patience every day. They are all alive and accounted for…as of now.

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Adya Goyal

I graduated from Vassar College with a degree in Psychology and Political Science, ready to change the world one opinion at a time. My most treasured accomplishment is my undergraduate thesis, which is a critical study of politics, feminism and dharma through the eyes of Draupadi!

The past year has been wild on the roller coaster ride that is the startup life. And it has been worth every minute...with the help of many cups of chai.

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Sara Varghese

I graduated from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai in 2020 all set to join the big bad world of news. But then Covid happened and time stood still, until I landed this wonderful opportunity at splainer.

If I'm not at work chances are I’m either baking for family or endlessly scrolling through social media. My most ridiculous pandemic feat: moving across the country twice!

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Anushree Kaushal

I was an editor at Penguin Random House India for over five years, and am now a freelance editor. I studied international relations and security, and consequently spend a lot of time reading about and researching real-life espionage tales. I love murder mysteries, a well-delivered joke, and all things Russia.

I’ve been spending the past year quizzing and studying beekeeping, and hope to continue both these pursuits indefinitely. If things went my way, I’d play a lot more tennis and sing aloud more often.


Ragini Puri

I studied History and Politics at the University of Warwick and graduated in July 2020. Graduating during a pandemic meant I was entering a world where everyone was as clueless as an undergrad student. This is when I came across Splainer, and when they had an opening 4 months later, I had to apply.

The best part about having a job that requires you to read the news is that I don’t have to do the same off-duty and I can spend my time watching Bollywood movies.


Kavin Malini

I am currently pursuing a degree in economics from Madras Christian College. I'm as disillusioned with academia as I'm passionate about it. I find respite in my bookshelf, a hot plate of biriyani and Tamil film music from a bygone era.


Vagda Galhotra

I am a lawyer having done some strictly legal work before this — litigation, legal policy, corporate law, you name it. Previously worked at the Supreme Court, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy and P&A Law Offices.

As an independent researcher drawn to journalism, I’m at splainer to preserve our collective sanity. When not working, I am learning the piano very slowly, worshipping Olivia Laing or dabbling in some other form of art.

Meet Our Brilliant Ex-Trainees

Deepika Gulati

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Tarini Tiwari


Nikita Achanta


Ishita Shah

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Vaishnavi Deepak

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Anoushka Chandarana

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