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Life Before Splainer

You’re a super-smart, curious person and love being well-informed. Your phone is buzzing with a stream of app notifications, Whatsapp forwards and tweets. It’s just relentless: the sheer volume of news. It’s incredibly loud… and, dear god, there is so much of it! Why does it have to be noisy and exhausting? It's time to KonMari your news... declutter and spark a bit of joy!

Life After Splainer

Each morning, you click on the daily edition that lands in your inbox — or WhatsApp if you prefer. You get the big picture, analysis and best reporting on that one big story everyone’s talking about. Catch up on key headlines, and discover a wealth of cool, funny, smart reads and videos from across the globe. There is zero jargon and no rants - and all of it's served with a generous dose of cheeky humour that makes you lol! It’s easy, painless and (hallelujah!) fun. In fact, you have such a good time, we promise that you'll miss us on the weekends! Have questions? Click right here.

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Meet the team!

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Lakshmi Chaudhry

I founded Broadsheet Daily and earlier co-founded Firstpost.com. My past work life includes working and writing for lots of places, including Wired, the Nation, Vogue, Columbia Journalism Review etc.

As for the rest, I live with a badly behaved menagerie that includes one child, two dogs and a boyfriend—who test my superhuman patience every day. They are all alive and accounted for…as of now.

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Rachel John

I am a black coffee addict who moonlighted as a journalist prior to this. I have written for publications like ThePrint, The Wire and The Hindu. I studied literature for the better part of my life and it still remains my first love.

In my downtime, you can find me trying to cook dishes from across the world, reading or watching crime fiction and looking up the most random trivia.

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Aarthi Ramnath

I am an introvert with a journalism degree, and an avid interest in film theory and the arts. After handling varied freelance projects and a short stint at content writing, I’ve now joined the splainer team.

In my leisure time, I’m either travelling or discovering and analysing a new film or TV show. But on most days, you will find me binge-watching anime.

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Anannya Parekh

I am an activist, social justice worker and now newly converted journalist. I was the founder of a financial literacy initiative and also worked on improving the lives of children living in orphanages.

However, my dream is to shack up in a cabin full of books by a river in the woods—and be a full-time reader someday.

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Aakriti Anand

I’m a Literature student with a love of writing. I’ve spent time in print and digital media organisations (WorldWide Media, Culture Machine, BuzzFeed India), made videos, and experimented with content for start-ups, before joining splainer.

Off the clock, I can be found watching a movie or an F1 race, planning a new tattoo, cooking my heart out, or finding occasions to wear a saree.

Arunima Joshua

I am a music and pop culture enthusiast who has written for publications like VICE India, Mint Lounge and Times of India. I have been associated with the independent music industry for over a decade and have covered the scene and contributed extensively to communications (PR) efforts in the same.

When not planning the Weekend Advisory calendar–I’m attending a good indie gig, window shopping for gemstone jewellery or making specifically insular playlists.