Wednesday October 19 2022

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New releases for your to-read list

New releases for your to-read list

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Travel bloggers Rashmee and Anant share their knowledge and passion for off-the-beaten path destinations.

Rashmee and Anant's Underwater Destinations


Here's a list of shows and movies to add to your watchlist this weekend—in theatres and at home.

Weekend Binge


Podcaster Ameya Nagarajan picks out her top podcast recommendations—with a few special Indian ones.

Ameya Nagarajan's Podcast Picks


Splainer fam recommends the best of different kinds of shoes!

The Best Sneaker Recommendations

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It’s Our Birthday!

May 30 2023

Who we are, what we aim to do—and why you’re paying for this damn sub.

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Sceptred Nation

May 29 2023

The government’s obsession with a golden sceptre may be a clever election and/or Hindutva play.

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Reading the Tea Leaves

May 26 2023

A UK report lays bare the abuse of tea workers—who still work like indentured plantation slaves.

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 (Un)Parliamentary Behaviour

May 25 2023

We look at what this new citadel of Indian democracy looks like–and why so many people are unhappy with it.

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