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The secret sauce of winning an election

April 14 2024

Are campaign consultants master manipulators or just good marketing pros?

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Battle of the machines: Meet the army of deep fakers

April 7 2024

Political parties have devised inventive ways to use deepfakes. How will they be deployed in the Lok Sabha elections?

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Is there such a thing as a “good” UCC?

March 24 2024

A BJP victory may bring an end to personal laws–which is clearly set out as a constitutional goal. What’s wrong with that?

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Winning the booth: On waterfalls and whispers

March 17 2024

The secret of the BJP’s success is an army of panna pramukhs—who win the elections one booth at a time.

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The secret sauce of 'double engine sarkar'

March 10 2024

What fuels the almighty juggernaut of the BJP’s welfare strategy—and the Modi mystique?

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South Indian step-child: Is the government guilty?

March 3 2024

Simplifying how money gets shared between Centre and states and the concerns it raises for federalism.

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Explained: A landmark ruling on electoral bonds

February 25 2024

Supreme Court ruled that electoral bonds introduced by the government are fundamentally unconstitutional.

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Ram Mandir part two: A watershed moment?

February 18 2024

What the Ram Mandir inauguration ceremony means for elections and the idea of India

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Battleground 2024: A North vs South divide?

February 11 2024

The great divide between the BJP’s North India and South India numbers–and what it means.

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Winning by numbers: A Lok Sabha story

February 4 2024

A potential readjustment of Lok Sabha seats will grant North India a decisive majority.

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