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A list of good reads

  • New York Times has an excerpt from a soon-to-be published book on Mark Zuckerberg, promisingly titled ‘An Ugly Truth.’ This bit focuses on the destruction of his close relationship with Sheryl Sandberg.
  • The always thought-provoking Mukul Kesavan in The India Forum lays out how nationalism is built into the DNA of modern sport.
  • Gizmodo makes a provocative argument in favour of banning the mansions of filthy rich people.
  • Marie Claire reports on a personally-alarming-to-us trend of American women choosing to go totally solo during childbirth—no nurses or even midwives!
  • Michael Pollan in The Guardian lays out the argument against caffeine—and our addiction to it.
  • If you are a fan of Princess Di then you’ll enjoy photographer Tim Rooke’s memories of capturing his favourite subject in Town & Country.
  • Mint has an interesting read on a new breed of Indian influencers: money gurus!
  • Indian Express reports on the gloomy mood on the ground in the run up to the Tokyo Olympics.
  • The Hindu looks at a bizarre new trend in PR releases: Streaming platforms are now issuing instructions to critics telling them what they can and cannot write about. 
  • This one is for the Bongs: The Telegraph hosts a big debate on the best variety of ilish.
  • Mohammad Ali in The Baffler has a powerful, must-read essay on what it’s like to be a Muslim journalist in India.
  • Also moving in Scroll: Andaleeb Wajid on why she returned to writing her book when her husband and mother-in-law died of Covid.
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