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A list of good reads

  • In the mood for a fascinating history? Read Aakar Patel in the Hindu on the Periplus Maris Erythrael—Journal of Sailing the Red Sea—a 2000-year old travel account of a merchant’s journey to India. 
  • For more history, check out The Telegraph’s big story on Burzahom, the site of Kashmir’s first neolithic settlers. 
  • The Indian Express looks at the growing questions hanging over Kohli’s captaincy in light of Dhoni’s newest role as a team mentor. 
  • The Atlantic has a very good essay that argues why you shouldn’t be holding out for your soulmate. No, love isn’t destiny. 
  • Also in the Atlantic: a strong case of getting rid of Twitter’s fairly pointless “What’s happening” tab.
  • Would you take $500,000 or a dinner with Jay Z? That question gripped Twitter over recent days, and Vogue lays out an interesting case for opting for the moolah. 
  • CNN Business reports on the next big boom in the Indian IT industry—which may emerge as the global hub for software-as-a-service (SaaS). 
  • A good watch: this BBC News video report on Gujarat’s endangered Kharai camels which can swim in the sea. 
  • Wired takes on the latest Covid conspiracy theory: the virus originated in lab samples taken in Italy in summer of 2019—long before the first case was detected in Wuhan.
  • The Guardian looks at the controversial documentary ‘Lost Leonardo’—which looks at the authenticity of the $450m Salvator Mundi, the most expensive painting in the world. 
  • Mashable attempts to answer a very good question: Why is porn sex all reverse cowgirl and arched backs?
  • Speaking of porn, filmmaker Isabel Sandoval pens an essay in the Cut on the connection between desire and spirituality—and reviving the “ecstasy of the horny” on the silver screen. 
  • Comedian Aditi Mittal offers four excellent tips to adapt to a post-Covid world in the Week
  • Vice has an eye-opening report on Chhattisgarh's Bison-Horn Maria tribe—which has almost no instances of sexual violence.
  • Also eye-opening: BBC News’ report on Kenyan ghost writers who are helping students across the world to cheat—one essay at a time.
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