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Sunday April 7 2024

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Battle of the machines: Meet the army of deep fakers

Battle of the machines: Meet the army of deep fakers

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Yes, authoritarianism is on the rise—but so is the demand for it. Isn’t that kinda democratic?

The democratic demand for authoritarianism


Here’s all the taaza election khabar from around India this week!

State of Play


Who are these political strategists? Wtf do they do?

The political consultant: Do they really matter?

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Going, Going, Gone

May 24 2024

Even though India is the “shining star” of the global economy—it has seen a precipitous drop in FDI.

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Brace Yourself!

May 23 2024

Climate change is set to affect almost every aspect of airline travel.

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Ship Wrecked

May 22 2024

The 21-member crew of the cargo ship Dali remain trapped on board—forbidden to step off the vessel.

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Accidental Death

May 21 2024

Will the death of Iranian president Ebraham Raisi change anything?

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