Friday, July 15 2022

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It was unusual. Not only was it very long, lasting about three seconds, but there were periodic peaks that were remarkably precise, emitting every fraction of a second—boom, boom, boom—like a heartbeat. This is the first time the signal itself is periodic.

That’s how astronomer Daniele Michilli describes the mysterious radio signal detected in outer space—coming from a galaxy roughly one billion light years away. Apart from its similarity to a heartbeat, this is also the longest-lasting ‘fast radio burst’ of its kind—which makes it even more special. No, it likely wasn’t emitted by aliens, but an incredibly powerful star. Still, it’s an example of the many mysteries that make our universe wonderful:)

Stuff to check out: On the latest episode of the splainer podcast ‘Press Decode,’ the team debates two very different issues—chaos in Sri Lanka and the dubious system of determining “authenticity” in art. Be sure to head over to the IVM website, Spotify or Apple Podcasts to listen to it.  

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Big Story

A big rehaul in Indian education: Part 3

The TLDR: In the last instalment of our series, we look at the Common University Entrance Test—which was made mandatory for college admissions this year. The first phase will kick off today—in 500 cities across the country. Does CUET offer equal opportunity to all Indian students? Or is it a disaster for the school system, as some critics argue?

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Headlines That Matter

  • The Sri Lanka crisis: The latest update
  • Mohammed Zubair: The latest update
  • New rules on “unparliamentary” language
  • Crashing currencies everywhere
  • First monkeypox case in India
  • A global study on alcohol consumption
  • Attention, everyone: Feta is indeed Greek
  • Which is the best airline of them all?


Sanity Break

  • A brilliant clip of Shahrukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit 


Weekend Advisory

  • Good stuff to watch this weekend
  • A list of good reads


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