Tuesday, September 13 2022

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I'm fearing very much a repressive, very right-wing government coming.

That’s what a Swedish voter said at the polling booth this week—and the results of the country’s national elections may indeed prove him right. While the final outcome is too close to call, the far-right Sweden Democrats appear to have secured nearly 21% of the vote. With roots in Sweden’s neo-Nazi movement, it ran on a stridently anti-immigration platform. It will be the biggest party on the right—and may potentially pick the next prime minister. FYI: Sweden is known as one of Europe’s most progressive states and ranks among the happiest nations in the world.


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Big Story

Gyanvapi mosque ruling: Why it matters

The TLDR: A Varanasi court judge rejected a key challenge to a petition filed by five Hindu women—asserting their right to offer daily prayers at the mosque. While the merits of their case are yet to be decided, the decision opens the door to revisiting The Places of Worship Act—which prohibits the conversion of any place of worship.

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In today’s edition

Headlines That Matter

  • A cancer breakthrough on air pollution
  • Inflation continues to soar
  • The royal succession: The latest update
  • Brilliant news about Indian college campuses
  • Instagram tests a ‘repost’ feature
  • No, feeding stray dogs isn’t illegal


Sanity Break

  • Microsoft Teams's A-plus social media game! 


A list of intriguing things

  • You may have to learn to become besties with cockroaches
  • Do you know what a lenticular cloud is?
  • Traditional Buddhist sculptures carved out of yak butter called Torma


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