Friday, January 14 2022

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It's the whole country against 11 guys.

That’s KL Rahul expressing his fury when a DRS review overturned an LBW decision against captain Dean Elgar in the third test match against South Africa. Indian captain Virat Kohli and bowler Ravichandran Ashwin joined in the chorus of rage—which was caught by the on-pitch microphones. The South Africans now need 111 runs to win—with eight wickets in hand. Cricket.com.au has more. Watch the entire replay here—and the reason for the DRS decision here.

Big Story

Nope, there is no Big Story to see here

Our five-person team has been struck by the all-pervasive Omicron. We managed to pull together most of the edition, and we hope to get back to regular programming soon.


Editor’s note: In the meantime, we continue to hope that 2022 will feel exactly like this child above—full of wonder and in the midst of joy. Credit: Melanie Faith Dove.


Headlines that matter

Kim K sued over crypto

Kim Kardashian is one of a number of celebrities being sued for misleading investors about the little-known crypto currency EthereumMax. She enthusiastically plugged it on Instagram—but seven months later, EthereumMax has lost 97% of its value:


“The complaint alleges misleading promotions and celebrity endorsements artificially increased interest and pricing of the digital tokens while they were available for public trading, ‘causing investors to purchase these losing investments at inflated prices’.”


Basically, these celebs are accused of orchestrating a “pump and dump” scheme—using their fame to artificially drive up prices for profit. Sounds a bit thin? A UK regulator pointed out that her Insta post (marked as an advert) aimed at her 250 million followers may have been the "financial promotion with the single biggest audience reach in history.”  (Quartz)

A shocking revelation about Schrödinger

Physicist Erwin Schrödinger—legendary for his thought experiment involving a cat—has been revealed to be a pedophile by an Irish Times investigation (paywalled). He targeted—and often groomed and abused—girls as young as 12, and kept a record in his diaries. Schrödinger’s biographers describe him as “a male supremacist”—who felt entitled to these girls’ bodies as a “genius.” (Futurism)


‘Smart’ guns are here!

Americans will soon have the option of buying personalized firearms that can only be fired by verified users. The guns come equipped with tech measures to ensure that they cannot be used by others:


“The first is radio frequency identification (RFID) tokens, such as bracelets, watches, rings and other wearable devices, that verify gun users based on proximity to the token. The second is biometric recognition technology that activates a gun after identifying biological features like a fingerprint, palm print or grip.”

The founder of SmartGunz says he was inspired by stories of children dying in gun-related accidents. (USA Today)


In today’s edition

Sanity Break

  • A jugalbandi between singer Vidya Shah and historian William Dalrymple


Weekend Advisory 

  • A list of good reads

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