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A list of good reads

  • This heart-wrenching essay in the New York Review of Books follows a Palestinian father as he searches for his five-year old son.
  • Article 14 looks at the tsunami of online sexual online violence unleashed by the Hindu rightwing against Indian Muslim women.
  • The Hindu has a fascinating interview with Peggy Mohan on the evolution of Indian languages. It’s a bit nerdy but we were intrigued by the parallels between Indian English and Prakrit (a form of Sanskrit). 
  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s ‘Notes on Grief’ in the New Yorker is a finely-etched portrait of loss and memory of her dead father.
  • New York Times offers a must-read that paints a gripping picture of a future shaped by dwindling fertility rates: “Imagine entire regions where everyone is 70 or older. Imagine governments laying out huge bonuses for immigrants and mothers with lots of children. Imagine a gig economy filled with grandparents and Super Bowl ads promoting procreation.”
  • The Hustle explains why the future of water is… sewage? 
  • An essential read for these times: National Geographic on how endless scrolling on social media can literally make you sick.
  • TM Krishna in The India Forum pens a thoughtful tribute to his personal hero, great philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti.
  • The pandemic destroyed our personal style, and we’re now struggling to figure out how to dress ourselves for the outside world. BuzzFeed News spotlights a challenge all of us can relate to. 
  • Erica Lenti in The Walrus tells the engaging story of her attempt to make her dog internet-famous.
  • Daily Beast has the insane and entertaining battle between a Russian oligarch and his very angry wife in the “world’s biggest, and most bitter divorce.”
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