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A list of good reads

  • Two good reads on ‘Friends’: The Atlantic on a reunion that was an extended ad for itself; Wired on why it is time for all of us to just move on.
  • Also in The Atlantic: Why you shouldn’t approach life like a picky eater.
  • For travel hounds: Bloomberg Businessweek has an excellent list of the seven new wonders of the world.
  • Influencers like Kendall Jenner are always giving away free stuff. But who is the lucky winner of all this loot? Vox investigates.
  • New York Times via Indian Express reports on the culture of fear within the firm that manages Bill Gates’ wealth.
  • Article 14 explains why both the misogyny in the ruling on Tarun Tejpal’s rape case is not surprisingand is, in fact, routine in Indian court judgements.
  • Lauren John Joseph pens a hilarious blog post on the ‘endangered male novelist’. She is responding to this Guardian essay that went viral.
  • BBC News reports on how technologythink drones, live-streams changing the face of animal conservation (h/t founding member Ruchika Chanana)
  • The Cut reports on two womenone Indian-origin, one Blackwho are making $5000 a pop selling dinners to white women who want to beat themselves up for their unconscious racism.
  • Also an excellent read in The Cut: Maya Shanbhag Lang draws a fascinating parallel between her Indian immigrant childhood and living through a pandemic. Except in the first, the dreaded virus was American culture.
  • Aeon explains why being a real expert involves knowing what you don’t know.
  • Sandip Roy in The Hindu has an insightful piece on the new ‘foreign hand’i.e. ‘the toolkit’.
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