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A list of curious facts

One: A dog in a dating profile photo of a man indicates they are looking for a longer-term relationship—and want to signal “they can provide care to a dependant over the long term.” Women who want to do the same more often include photos with their kids. Weirdly, this holds true of men who wear eyeglasses too. (The Conversation)


Two: Guess which website is tracking you the most? Ok, we don’t have any data on Indian sites, but Surfshark discovered 616 unique trackers across the most popular US sites. Not surprisingly, the ones with the most trackers tend to be low-rent content sites like LadBible, the Chive, NY Daily News and Barstool Sports. But the best of the lot: Wikipedia—followed by TikTok and Instagram. (SurfShark)


Three: Do ASMR videos creep you out? Well, you may be suffering from misophonia—where you have a full-blown allergic reaction to certain sounds. This Mashable video tracks one man’s quest to understand why he can’t stand the sound of anyone eating.


Four: A new technology promises that it can gauge your mental health by tracking the swipes and taps on your phone. Say hello to ‘tappigraphy’—which looks at what it calls “digital biomarkers” to diagnose a range of mental or neurological conditions. The Guardian has more on this fascinating new frontier.


Five: Do you know how zoos persuade animals—especially the scary ones like tigers—to take their Covid shots? Yummy food, of course! Contrary to what we may think, they don’t need to be tranquilised. All zookeepers do is spray goat’s milk in the mouths of the big cats—while bears are partial to ice cream and whipped cream. Watch them be good boys/girls below at the Oakland zoo:


Six: Guess who has one of the most popular accounts on Pornhub? Nope, it isn’t some raunchy hottie but a Taiwanese math teacher named Changshu: “He appears in clip after clip in his gray hoodie and glasses, carefully explaining things like the differential methods, in his native Mandarin.” Now, that’s thinking outside the marketing box. (Kotaku)

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