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Sunday April 21 2024

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A post-Modi truth: It's not the economy, stupid!

A post-Modi truth: It's not the economy, stupid!

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Here’s all the taaza election khabar from around India this week!

State of Play


An inside look at how fake news is manufactured in India.

The life of a BJP IT Cell worker


The focus on the ‘foreign’ source of misinformation distracts from the true danger to our democracy.

The ‘hand’ that rocks the election: Foreign or not?

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Going, Going, Gone

May 24 2024

Even though India is the “shining star” of the global economy—it has seen a precipitous drop in FDI.

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Brace Yourself!

May 23 2024

Climate change is set to affect almost every aspect of airline travel.

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Ship Wrecked

May 22 2024

The 21-member crew of the cargo ship Dali remain trapped on board—forbidden to step off the vessel.

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Accidental Death

May 21 2024

Will the death of Iranian president Ebraham Raisi change anything?

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