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Saturday April 27 2024

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An illustrated history of manuscript paintings

An illustrated history of manuscript paintings

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A Sri Lankan feast at your fingertips courtesy Tasha Marrikar, the author of Jayaflava.

Served: A Sri Lankan soul food spread


News editor Anannya pulls together a list of cosy mysteries set in exotic locales.

Murder most exotic: Cosy whodunnits + wanderlust


Here’s the splainer team’s recommended list of new releases to binge-watch.

We recommend: The best new movies and TV series


Feeling blue? Going green? Back to black? Here’s a playlist to add some colour to your Spotify.

Coz I’m vibing to vibgyor…

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Going, Going, Gone

May 24 2024

Even though India is the “shining star” of the global economy—it has seen a precipitous drop in FDI.

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Brace Yourself!

May 23 2024

Climate change is set to affect almost every aspect of airline travel.

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Ship Wrecked

May 22 2024

The 21-member crew of the cargo ship Dali remain trapped on board—forbidden to step off the vessel.

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Accidental Death

May 21 2024

Will the death of Iranian president Ebraham Raisi change anything?

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