Saturday March 18 2023

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Truffle trouble with Chef Manu Chandra

Truffle trouble with Chef Manu Chandra

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A lovely excerpt from travel writer Pico Iyer’s latest book ‘The Half Known Life’.

Kashmir: On the Lake


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Priyanka Gulati pulls together the perfect playlist of techno tracks with cool vibes.

Beats to put you in the groove

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Just Hit ‘Reverse’

March 29 2023

Can humans evolve backwards? More importantly, have we become “unnatural selectors" of our own future?

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Stop the Excesses!

March 28 2023

In the last 24 hours, Israel witnessed massive protests and the ruling government nearly collapsed.

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School of Slander

March 27 2023

Is Rahul Gandhi guilty of criminal defamation according to the criteria of the Indian Penal Code? Let’s review.

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An M-Word Crime

March 24 2023

The Congress MP has been sentenced to two years in jail for making a disparaging remark about Narendra Modi. WTF?

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