Saturday May 6 2023

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Tipu’s Treasures: Collector’s Edition

Tipu’s Treasures: Collector’s Edition

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Wishlist worthy: a handy reading light, an awesome mic, and eco-friendly footwear.

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Anushree Kaushal is back with her popular reading list—and pick of literary reads.

A very good reading list


Here’s the splainer team’s recommended list of new releases to binge-watch.

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The splainer fam has the perfect playlist to make you want to hit the road again.

Coz I’m going places

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IOU Nada!

June 9 2023

Byju’s defaulted on a $1.2 billion loan—and then sued its lenders. Here’s what happened.

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Mix & Match

June 8 2023

Dangerous Fixed Dose Combination drugs flood the Indian market. Will a ban help?

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Evolution of Mourning

June 7 2023

A new study on an ancient human species may change everything we assumed about evolution.

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Custody War

June 6 2023

A baby taken from Indian parents in Berlin created a diplomatic furore. What happened?

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