Saturday July 29 2023

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The Romantic Idiot: My year in dating

The Romantic Idiot: My year in dating

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A jigsaw puzzle for everyone.

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Check out Champaca’s Book of the Month and the top recommendations from their shelves.

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Here’s the splainer team’s recommended list of new releases to binge-watch.

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The splainer fam’s recommendations of songs to sing in the rain.

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The Sphere of Life

October 3 2023

U2 performed in an immersive orb with over 700,000 square feet of video screens—and left the world gobsmacked.

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Visa Required

September 29 2023

The process of getting a visa to visit Europe is pricey, exhausting and time-consuming. Is it also racist?

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Cruel & Unusual

September 28 2023

A look at brain-computer interfaces, Neuralink allegations and the broader ethics of animal testing.

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Lotus Alone

September 27 2023

BJP is shedding allies right before the national elections—but does it even need them?

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