Thursday June 1 2023

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Ice in British India: The art of keeping cool

Ice in British India: The art of keeping cool

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Explore unique meat-free recipes excerpted from ‘The Vegetarian Parsi’.

A vegetarian Parsi feast for Bahman Mahino


We pick the best new book releases for your reading pleasure.

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Here’s the splainer team’s recommended list of new releases to binge-watch.

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A headbanging collection of heavy metal songs to bring down the roof.

Shred that solo, baby!

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A Very Indian Dog

February 23 2024

A guide to the long and proud history of native dog breeds in India.

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Bengali Crime Story

February 22 2024

A Trinamool Congress strongman is accused of sexually exploiting an entire village in Bengal.

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Down With Free Radicals!

February 21 2024

A look at everyone’s fave vitamins—antioxidants. Do they work at all?

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It’s Vitamania!

February 20 2024

The origin story of vitamins and how they rose to dizzying popularity.

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