Sunday August 21 2022

History, Captured

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Museum Mojo

We most love the 14th century poet Vidyapati’s compositions—because the Krishna-Radha love story is narrated from Radha’s perspective!

Vidyapati’s compositions about Krishna

Incredible Indians

Baburao Painter (1890-1954) was the king of all genres—be it oil painting, sculpture-making, wood-carving, set design or movie making.

Meet Baburao Painter: A man of many talents

Be a Culture Ninja

Wiki Loves Museums is a photo contest and fellowship that celebrates the cultural treasures of India.

Get ready, head to a museum, & 

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The Big Hurt

December 8 2023

We still have no idea how to measure pain—and this has severe consequences for women.

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We’re Under Water!

December 7 2023

Intensifying cyclones are a result of climate change—but poor infrastructure is to be blamed for the flooding.

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Don’t Watch That!

December 6 2023

A new bill plans to regulate everything you watch on a screen. And we mean everything.

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The Great Divide

December 5 2023

The great divide between the BJP’s North India and South India numbers–and what it means.

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