Friday July 9 2021

Having a Seizure

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Sanity Break #1

We adore 86-year old Portugese artist Paula Rego’s paintings. She is the master of the unexpected as with this disturbing painting titled ‘Dog Woman’.

‘Dog Woman’ by Paula Rego

Headlines that matter

Check out this edition for the most important stories from around the world today!

Headlines That Matter

Sanity Break #2

We were very amused by this perfect Covid anthem titled 'Vax That Thang Up'—a remix of the 90s billboard hit ‘Back That Azz Up’. When rap bad-assness meets pandemic PSA… lol!

'Vax That Thang Up'

Weekend advisory

From the latest releases to thought-provoking and lively reads, we’ve sorted your weekend just so you won’t miss us too much!

Weekend Advisory

Feel Good Place

Need an immediate pick-me-up? We have you covered! From hilarious animal clips to stuff that’ll make you go “lol why?!”, we have all you need to keep you sane on even your worst hair day.

Feel Good Place

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The Big Hurt

December 8 2023

We still have no idea how to measure pain—and this has severe consequences for women.

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We’re Under Water!

December 7 2023

Intensifying cyclones are a result of climate change—but poor infrastructure is to be blamed for the flooding.

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Don’t Watch That!

December 6 2023

A new bill plans to regulate everything you watch on a screen. And we mean everything.

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The Great Divide

December 5 2023

The great divide between the BJP’s North India and South India numbers–and what it means.

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