Tuesday, October 6 2020

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I just felt really unsafe because it confuses me how this one specific guy could find so many details about my life and it made me concerned that he could find my address and come to my house.

That’s one of the 14,000 young women from 31 countries who participated in a global survey on online harassment. It found that more than 50% have been cyberstalked, were sent explicit messages/photos, or abused—and they are more likely to be harassed online than on the street! And 42% experience anxiety due to online attacks.

Big Story

WTF is going on with Donald Trump

The TLDR: The US President tested positive for Covid, was rushed to the hospital and has now returned to the White House. And the entire melodrama—unfolding 28 days before the presidential election—is rife with bad information and usual Trump theatrics. We look at the evidence about his disease, and the implications it has for election day.


First, a quick (fuzzy) timeline

The test: 

  • According to the latest report, he took a rapid Covid test on Thursday, October 1, which came up positive. 
  • He then did an interview on Fox News—where he only admitted he’d taken the second proper, more conclusive Covid test: “I’ll get my test back either tonight or tomorrow morning.”
  • The same day, he also attended a fundraiser in New Jersey—no one knows if he’d taken that first rapid test by then. But guests say he looked “lethargic.”
  • On Friday, at 1am, Trump announced he and Melania had tested positive (presumably based on the second test results).
  • Point to note: rapid tests often throw up false ‘negative’ results. It is far rarer to get a false positive.

In today’s edition

Headlines that Matter

  • Lots and lots of FIRs in Hathras
  • Proud Boys have been hijacked
  • Google gives Indian apps a break
  • Netflix’s bad boys get a break
  • Ola may be kicked out of London
  • Twitter readies a new misinformation tool


Smart and Curious

  • Great classic arts reimagined as ‘furry’ abstract creations
  • The ‘walking fish’ discovered in Great Barrier Reef
  • An 'orange tartan cotton long smock shirt’ aka dress for men sells for £1,700

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