Monday, November 2 2020

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He was, after all, the emblem of a particular strain of masculinity that was once revered. Nowadays, it is openly questioned, and fading fast from view. In the age of #MeToo, it seems inconceivable that his star would ascend under the same circumstances. But then, no young actor nowadays would begin their working life at the age of nine, rising at 5 am from the squalor of a cramped tenement to deliver milk in a handcart. Connery was, in many ways, an imperfect man. But he was, and will remain, the perfect star.

Of the many pieces penned on Sean Connery’s death, this column by Martyn Mclaughlin in his home country’s newspaper, The Scotsman, is perhaps the best and most true.

Big Story

A very messy and momentous election

The TLDR: The United States will hold its 59th election tomorrow, and the stakes have never been higher—or the outcome more uncertain. Thanks to the virus and the current president’s personality, all sorts of unprecedented doomsday scenarios are now in play. Think of the virus, Donald Trump’s personality and the quirks of the US electoral system as dominoes in a row. The big fear is that each will trigger the other, creating a perfect tsunami of political chaos bordering on a civil war.


In today’s edition

Headlines that Matter

  • Dear Indians, eat more sugar!
  • Barcelona faces bankruptcy
  • The $600 billion menopause ‘opportunity’
  • Your first pandemic horror flick is here


Smart and Curious

  • What’s worse than ‘ghosting’? ‘Zombieing’, of course!
  • A lovely essay on why cell phones—light and brittle—feel inadequate for phone calls that truly matter.
  • An excellent read on how past pandemics gave birth to Mumbai’s Art Deco architecture.
  • How do you know whether you are suffering from mental fatigue?

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