Tuesday, December 1 2020

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We have started looking into the strange appearance of the monolith. It is on private property, but we still don't know who the monolith's owner is yet. It is in a protected area on an archaeological site.

That’s a government official responding to the appearance of yet another mystery monolith near one of the most famous mountains in Romania. This is days after a similar metal monolith was spotted in a remote location in Utah—and which inexplicably disappeared on Friday. This one is 13 feet high, has a hollow triangular structure, and is covered in a looping scrawl. Our assessment of this Arthur C. Clarke-like tale: Either aliens are messing with our heads or we’re being pranked. Or both.

Big Story

The tale of two ‘adverse events’

The TLDR: Over the past week, we have learnt of two participants in two separate vaccine trials—Oxford and Bharat Biotech—who suffered serious complications. That’s all we know. What we don’t know is far more serious: Were these events investigated? Who conducted the investigation? And what were the conclusions? Also: why were the trials not suspended in the interim? The total lack of transparency also reveals a global double-standard—where some lives in some countries are more important than others.


In today’s edition

Headlines That Matter

  • Tale of an elephant rescue
  • Joe Biden’s history-making team
  • China’s gruesome insult to Australia
  • Finally, one word of the year


Smart & Curious

  • A list of curious facts
  • The first ever on-screen kiss
  • An African crested rat—a toxic rodent with its own chemical weapon

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