Tuesday, July 28 2020

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If you want me to lie that Chinese have not entered the country, I simply am not going to do it… I think the people who are lying about the Chinese not entering our country are the people who are not nationalists… So frankly, I don’t care if it costs me my career. I don't care if I don't have a political career at all after that but I am going to say the truth as far as the India territory is concerned.

That’s Rahul Gandhi communicating his views on China to the masses… via a video clip on Twitter, in English. This new communication strategy has not won fans within his own party, and has the BJP cackling with glee. The ruling party’s comeback: "Your political career ended soon after it took off." Illustration: Parth Savla.

Big Story

The great leap ahead... off the climate change cliff

The TLDR: As we noted last week, the government’s own assessment concludes that India will be uninhabitable very soon due to severe climate change. But the same government is ignoring its own predictions—and its behaviour in recent months offers great cause for worry.


Where we are headed

To recap last week’s explainer, the first-ever assessment of India’s climate change future offers a bleak forecast: If we do absolutely nothing to curb carbon emissions, our average temperature will increase by 2.7º C in the next 50 years—and hit 4.4º C by the end of this century!


As ProPublica notes, by 2100, temperatures could rise to the point that just going outside for a few hours in parts of India “will result in death even for the fittest of humans.” Also: “heat waves and humidity will become so extreme there that people without air conditioning will simply die.” Yeah, it’s grim.



In today’s edition

Headlines That Matter

  • Women execs are more profitable
  • ‘A Suitable Boy’ received unsuitable reviews
  • Planes in India are flying nearly empty
  • Latest Covid innovation: Drive-through strip clubs
  • Tech wars with China


Smart And Curious

  • A Tesla designer redesigned the chocolate chip
  • This LED mask has a thin matrix screen, and you can control what it displays
  • A baby monitor developed by 3 women engineers is now being used to monitor Covid-19 patients

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