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A Baap-Beti convo on democracy

April 14 2024

Aditi Mittal’s hilarious sketch on the true meaning of freedom.

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The political consultant: Do they really matter?

April 7 2024

Who are these political strategists? Wtf do they do?

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The enforcer: Debate over the mighty ED

March 24 2024

Sreenivasan Jain looks at the debate over the ED's dubious anti-corruption rampage.

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The fault is in our bonds

March 17 2024

When the Election Commission, Income Tax, CBI, and SBI become arms of the ruling party.

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Pundits pontificate: Hope for INDIA?

March 10 2024

Prashant Kishor sees a silver lining in the almost inevitable NDA victory.

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The great North-South debate: Let’s talk money!

March 3 2024

Govinda Rao and Nilakantan RS face off over the red-hot issue of North vs South.

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Unmasking Electoral Bonds

February 25 2024

All about electoral bonds—and why they were challenged in the Supreme Court.

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Impact of Ayodhya on 2024 Elections for BJP

February 18 2024

Is the masjid site really Ram’s birthplace? Will it help BJP win big in elections?

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A Great Voting Difference or Divide?

February 11 2024

Is the BJP a ‘North Indian’ party, and does it matter? What are the key differences between the Hindi Belt and South India?

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Delimitation Dharma

February 4 2024

Should the South be “punished” for population control or is it the price of the one person one vote rule?

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