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Sunday February 11 2024

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Battleground 2024: A North vs South divide?

Battleground 2024: A North vs South divide?

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Is the BJP a ‘North Indian’ party, and does it matter? What are the key differences between the Hindi Belt and South India?

A Great Voting Difference or Divide?

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First Time Voter

April 19 2024

A lively look back at our pehla election of 1951. We’ve come a long way.

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Noah’s Gotta New Ark

April 18 2024

Scientists are trying to alter the evolutionary course of animals—so they can survive it.

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The Long Game

April 17 2024

The BJP is expending astonishing amounts of energy on Tamil Nadu this election season—and it’s all about 2029.

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Dying Young

April 16 2024

Early-onset cancer has been steadily rising but scientists have no clue why this is happening.

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