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Saturday March 2 2024

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Gilded gods: The Tanjore school of painting

Gilded gods: The Tanjore school of painting 

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Food sequencing—a traditional science or modern myth? Explore the logic of the humble thaali.

Thaals, thaalis and theories


We pick the best new book releases for your reading pleasure.

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Here’s the splainer team’s recommended list of new releases to binge-watch.

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First.wav curates awesome, lesser-known Coke Studio performances for you to discover.

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High Stakes Voting

April 25 2024

If the BJP loses ground in Karnataka, it will have serious implications for the party, Modi, and Hindutva.

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Flying Into Trouble

April 24 2024

Bird flu is not new but its recent unprecedented spread is raising fears of a deadly mutation.

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Maha Adchan

April 23 2024

Why is the BJP looking weak and beleaguered in a key swing state.

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Sun Damage

April 22 2024

The lesser known problem of recycling solar panels.

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