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Saturday July 6 2024

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Jannat on earth: The glory of the Mughal garden

Jannat on earth: The glory of the Mughal garden

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Sweet and spicy, pickled and crunchy, ice orathi subverts every flavour expectation.

The nostalgic shaved ice of Calicut


Here's a list of books to curl up with on a rainy day—including fiction, non-fiction and biographies.

A big fat monsoon reading list


Here’s the splainer team’s recommended list of new releases to binge-watch.

 We recommend: The best new movies and TV series


The splainer team curates the best new global beats of the past month.

We recommend: The best new global music

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Shots Fired!

July 15 2024

With the assassination attempt on Trump, US democracy is bracing for yet another battering.

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Darker Shade of Dior

July 12 2024

If you're a luxury brand, why opt for sweatshops in Bangladesh when you have them in Milan?

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Pet Subjects

July 11 2024

There's been a shift in dogs' relationship with science—from torturous tests to compassion.

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Miseducation of Munjal

July 10 2024

The future of edtech appears cloudy even as the Kota factories churn on. What went wrong?

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