Wednesday October 4 2023

The shocking raid on NewsClick

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Sanity Break

Khatija Rahman’s cover of ‘Piya Tose’ with the all-women Firdaus Orchestra is lovely!

An orchestral cover of 'Piya Tose' by Khatija Rahman and Firdaus Orchestra

Headlines that matter

Here’s all the taaza khabar from around the world today!

Headlines That Matter

Smart and Curious

History of Michelin stars, US airlines’ weight loss bid & longest straight path across oceans.

Smart & Curious

Feel Good Place

Need an immediate pick-me-up? We have all you need to keep you sane.

Feel Good Place

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Telangana Trajectory

December 1 2023

Exit polls predict a Congress sweep in Telangana, but will it translate to Lok Sabha seats?

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Losing the Plot

November 30 2023

US prosecutors have charged an Indian official for orchestrating a plot to kill a Khalistani leader in New York.

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Business As Usual

November 29 2023

The world’s most important climate change summit is being used to cut deals on the side.

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Breathless in Bombay

November 28 2023

Why is Mumbai’s air quality declining and what does climate change have to do with it?

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