Saturday March 11 2023

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Raga Lalit: Healing Light of Dawn

Raga Lalit: Healing Light of Dawn

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A beginner’s guide to astrophotography from Soumyadeep Mukherjee.

So you want to be an astrophotographer


The Splainer team’s buy recommendations this week range from skincare to drinkware.

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Anushree Kaushal brings a mix of books from her shelf plus some short reads.

Books and short reads


Here’s the splainer team’s recommended list of new releases to binge watch on the weekend.

The best of new releases

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Just Hit ‘Reverse’

March 29 2023

Can humans evolve backwards? More importantly, have we become “unnatural selectors" of our own future?

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Stop the Excesses!

March 28 2023

In the last 24 hours, Israel witnessed massive protests and the ruling government nearly collapsed.

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School of Slander

March 27 2023

Is Rahul Gandhi guilty of criminal defamation according to the criteria of the Indian Penal Code? Let’s review.

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An M-Word Crime

March 24 2023

The Congress MP has been sentenced to two years in jail for making a disparaging remark about Narendra Modi. WTF?

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