Monday, April 18 2022

Dive In


How swiftly the strained honey
of afternoon light
flows into darkness

and the closed bud shrugs off
its special mystery
in order to break into blossom:

as if what exists, exists
so that it can be lost
and become precious.

For a much-needed break from relentless news cycles, here is a lovely poem by Pulitzer prize-winning poet Lisel Mueller titled ‘In Passing’. There’s never a bad time to contemplate the ephemerality of joy and life.

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Big Story

Chaos theories: A guide to Elon Musk vs Twitter

The TLDR: The tech titan has offered to buy the social media platform for $43 billion. Twitter responded by adopting a rather colourfully-named strategy called the ‘poison pill’ to block him. Everyone is agog with anticipation as they await the next round of this tech mahabharath.

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In today’s edition

Headlines That Matter

  • The Russian invasion: The latest update
  • A fresh nightmare in Delhi
  • India vs WHO: A battle over Covid data
  • UK’s shocking deportation strategy
  • Two key breakthroughs in MS research
  • The biggest comet ever seen by astronomers


Sanity Break

  • Georgy Kurasov's fantastical art


Smart & Curious

  • Why Mumbai is one of the great food capitals of India—unlike Amritsar
  • Gurgaon’s raging drinking culture
  • Is the internet becoming increasingly ‘straight'?
  • Why cloning your pet won’t bring it back


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