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Monday June 7 2021

Twitter de Résistance

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Sanity Break #1

We are stuck at home in this seemingly never ending pandemic, most of us in concrete jungles distant from the beauty of nature. Here’s a wonderful respite courtesy the Karnataka Forest Department: six wonderful minutes of footage from the Nagarahole sanctuary.

The Nagarahole sanctuary

Headlines that matter

Check out this edition for the most important stories from around the world today!

Headlines That Matter

Sanity Break #2

Aerial photographer Brad Walls uses consumer drones to create vivid images of ballet dancers, divers, tennis players and swimming pools. It’s astonishing how a shift in perspective can reveal something that the human eye has never seen before.

Ballerine de l’air by Brad Walls

Smart & Curious

Here’s a list of very good reads to kick off your work week.

Smart & Curious

Feel Good Place

Need an immediate pick-me-up? We have you covered! From hilarious animal clips to stuff that’ll make you go “lol why?!”, we have all you need to keep you sane on even your worst hair day.

Feel Good Place

archivetitle dog ic

High Stakes Voting

April 25 2024

If the BJP loses ground in Karnataka, it will have serious implications for the party, Modi, and Hindutva.

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Flying Into Trouble

April 24 2024

Bird flu is not new but its recent unprecedented spread is raising fears of a deadly mutation.

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Maha Adchan

April 23 2024

Why is the BJP looking weak and beleaguered in a key swing state.

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Sun Damage

April 22 2024

The lesser known problem of recycling solar panels.

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