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Friday August 13 2021

Ready, Steady… Oh No!

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Sanity Break #1

Messi stepped out on the balcony of his Paris hotel room—to wave at the crowds below. And look who’s right next door: Two Malayali superfans screaming: “Makkale, kando, footballinte rajavu” (Children, do you see—the king of football)!

Malayali superfans meet Messi!

Headlines that matter

Check out this edition for the most important stories from around the world today!

Headlines That Matter

Sanity Break #2

The picture frame has long been an afterthought in art. Its job has been to be unobtrusive—to help the painting shine and not get in the way of its glory. But a new generation of artists have made the frame an integral part of their work—no less important than the paintings they contain.

Picture frames are art too!

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From the latest releases to thought-provoking and lively reads, we’ve sorted your weekend just so you won’t miss us too much!

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Feel Good Place

Need an immediate pick-me-up? We have you covered! From hilarious animal clips to stuff that’ll make you go “lol why?!”, we have all you need to keep you sane on even your worst hair day.

Feel Good Place

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Anatomy of a Scandal

May 20 2024

The grandson of JD(S) founder Deve Gowda raped women for years—no one cared till it became a political scandal.

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Port of Authority

May 17 2024

Why a deepwater port in Iran is threatening to become an explosive issue in India-US relations.

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Dog Days of Summer

May 16 2024

Our guide to the most prestigious doggie beauty contest in the world.

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Battle for Bengal

May 15 2024

All roads to a towering majority go through West Bengal—and the stakes couldn’t be higher for the BJP.

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