Monday July 19 2021

I’ll Be Watching You

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Sanity Break #1

Graphic designer Stephen Doyle’s book sculptures are a wonder to behold. Some of us may wince at the ‘destruction’ of books toward artistic ends, but Doyle insists: “The sculptures are testament to the power of language. I think of them as ideas taking physical form that allows them to cast shadows.” This one was crafted out of Gabriel García Márquez’s ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’.

Stephen Doyle’s ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ book sculpture

Headlines that matter

Check out this edition for the most important stories from around the world today!

Headlines That Matter

Sanity Break #2

Have you heard of Bo Burnham? If not, we’d like to introduce you to this wildly successful comedian—whose Netflix special ‘Inside’ now has six Emmy nominations. He is best known for his songs that offer biting social commentary with disarming folksy charm. This one is called ‘Welcome to the Internet’.

‘Welcome to the Internet’ by Bo Burnham

Smart & Curious

Here’s a list of very good reads to kick off your work week.

Smart & Curious

Feel Good Place

Need an immediate pick-me-up? We have you covered! From hilarious animal clips to stuff that’ll make you go “lol why?!”, we have all you need to keep you sane on even your worst hair day.

Feel Good Place

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Cruel & Unusual

September 28 2023

A look at brain-computer interfaces, Neuralink allegations and the broader ethics of animal testing.

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Lotus Alone

September 27 2023

BJP is shedding allies right before the national elections—but does it even need them?

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An Evergreen Problem

September 26 2023

Johnson & Johnson’s secondary patent on a critical TB drug has left millions unprotected.

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Chaos in the Caucus

September 25 2023

The conflict has implications for all the major powers—including Armenia’s fave weapons supplier: India.

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