Monday, July 13 2020

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What I am evidence of is: You can dismiss a Black person. If you’re a young Black girl and you get raped, in the film business, no one’s going to f***ing care. You can tell whoever the f*** you want, and they’ll call it an affair… So careful what you do, everybody, because you might find yourself f***ing over a little brown girl at the beginning of a career, when no one knows who she is and no one gives a f***. She might turn out to be Thandie Newton winning Emmys.

That’s just one part of a long interview with Thandie Newton—who is astonishingly and powerfully open about being black in Hollywood. It is totally worth your time. Illustration: Parth Savla

the big story

Congress readies nail for own coffin

The TLDR: The party is faced with yet another open—and potentially lethal—rebellion from one of its ‘young turks’. This time it’s Sachin Pilot who is threatening to leave the party due to differences with Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. He is parked in Delhi and refusing to budge unless the Gandhis take decisive action… which would be both astonishing and unprecedented. So will Congress lose Rajasthan to internal strife, much as it did Madhya Pradesh? Answer: It’s too close to call.


Remind me about this Sachin person…

Much like Jyotiradityarao Scindia and Ajay Maken, he is a ‘legacy’ Congresswala—i.e. the son of a senior party leader. His father, Rajesh Pilot, was a union minister and close buddy of Rajiv Gandhi.


In 2004, Sachin became the youngest Member of Parliament at the age of 26, and rose to become a cabinet minister in 2012. He lost his Lok Sabha seat in 2014, but staged a comeback as an MLA—and helped architect Congress’ decisive victory in the Rajasthan state elections in 2018. After that victory, Pilot was anointed as Deputy CM and state party chief.


Ok, so what’s his problem?


In today’s edition

Headlines That Matter

  • Covid spreads to Bollywood
  • The great Indian pandemic: lockdowns return
  • Trouble on the borders
  • The punishment for comedy in India
  • New research on airborne transmission


Smart And Curious

  • Couples are increasingly guilty of ‘quarantine phubbing’
  • Penguins are projectile shitters
  • In defence of the much-maligned ‘irregardless’


Life Advisory

  • ‘Zoom fatigue’ is real
  • A virtual camera that connects with any video con platform

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