Friday, July 17 2020

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When I came back, she was gone… We found her body hours later... I will never go back to the place where we used to live. The water has snatched everything from us.

That’s Habiba Begum who lost her one-year-old daughter to floods that are devastating large parts of Bangladesh, Nepal and India—including Assam. More than four million people have been hit hard by monsoons floods that have destroyed homes and drowned entire villages. Illustration: Parth Savla

the big story

The Indian pandemic: 1 million and counting!

The TLDR: We break down the latest Covid-19 numbers, and look at where we are now, and where we are headed.


First, the numbers

India passed a grim landmark on Thursday, and now has 1,004,652 cases. We are now the third country to cross this number, and are still behind Brazil (1.92 million) and the US (3.4 million). We are adding, on average, 30,000 cases per day—which is also lower than Brazil and the US.


The silver linings

One: The number of deaths remains low at 25,600. At the one million mark, the US had chalked up 57,700 deaths, while Brazil had lost nearly 50,000 people. India's number of deaths per million of the population is among the lowest in the world.


Two: Among the three, India has taken the longest (114 days) to hit this milestone since reporting 10 deaths.


Three: The number of recoveries is high. The current number of patients is 331,146—which is only one-third (34%) of that one million total. According to the Health Ministry, less than 2% of patients end up in the ICU.


Four: The spread is limited. Only two states—Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu—constitute 48% of the country’s active cases (that 331,146 number). And just 10 states account for 85%.


Five: Lakshadweep Islands! The union territory with a population of 64,4473 has managed to stay virus-free. The reasons: early screening and mandatory quarantine of travellers, starting February 1!


Causes for worry


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