Monday, August 10 2020

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I lived the civil war. I was displaced, lived harsh days and we already lost houses in the war. We thought that was it… These days however are worse than war. You have no idea how you might die now, which is the most scariest thing. I wish I could hang them myself.

That’s Hayat Gharazeddine, one of the tens of thousands of Lebanese protesters who took to the streets in rage against their government. Angry Lebanese put up mock gallows with nooses, accompanied by signs that read: ‘Resign or hang’. Although PM Diab has called for an early election, it will do little to appease the people. They want radical change to root out the corruption that led to the tragic explosion last Tuesday—and the ongoing economic crisis which predates the pandemic. Illustration: Parth Savla.

Big Story

The complicated story of an airline crash

The TLDR: An Air India Express plane overshot the runway in Kozhikode, Kerala, and broke into two. As of today, 19 are dead—including both pilot and co-pilot and four children—and 23  are still in a serious condition. The exact reasons for the crash, however, are still up in the air—with the government strongly hinting at pilot error. But the hilltop runway itself has been a source of controversy for years, as have other similar runways in the country. Meanwhile, on the very same day, 43 people died in a nearby landslide, but no one is paying much attention to that story.


The flight: The two-year-old Boeing 737-800 flew in from Dubai on Friday at 7:40 pm in the midst of torrential rain. It was a repatriation flight, bringing back 174 adult Indians, 10 infants, two pilots and four cabin crew. Many of them were working class Indians who had lost their Middle East jobs to the pandemic—and were waiting for months to return home. The pilot was 56-year-old Deepak Sathe—a highly experienced former Wing Commander in the Indian Air Force—who had successfully landed the plane 27 times at Kozhikode. The co-pilot was 32-year-old Akhilesh Kumar.



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Headlines That Matter

  • TikTok aur Twitter ki jodi
  • Zoom vs Microsoft Teams
  • Rajput on a California billboard
  • Zomato offers ‘period leave’


Smart And Curious

  • A new breakthrough in shaving tech
  • Latest YouTube fad: Chore TV—'land porn for wistful cubicle dwellers'
  • Why Twitter may be far worse than other social media platforms
  • The decline of the American passport

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