Wednesday, November 25 2020

Dive In

I never anticipated getting here—it’s the culmination of years of work by hundreds of people, sometimes in total isolation and defiance. Delhi Crime is a complete labour of love, born out of sadness, anger, frustration, and ultimately, compassion. The entire team from start to finish should take a bow for giving their all to this vision.

That’s director Richie Mehta reacting to the news that ‘Delhi Crime’ became the first Indian series to win an international Emmy—in this case, for best drama. Both ‘Sacred Games’ and ‘Lust Stories’ were nominated in the past but never made the final cut.

Big Story

A palm oil horror story

The TLDR: Most woke folks know that palm oil is bad for the environment and for your health. A shocking Associated Press investigation has now revealed global palm oil’s real dirty secret: the sexual exploitation of women in the plantations of Malaysia and Indonesia. Oh, and the biggest consumer of palm oil: India. It is in almost everything you eat—and in almost every beauty product you use.


[Trigger warning: This story focuses on sexual violence.]


Basic deets

  • Palm oil consumption has increased with dizzying speed, and production has risen to keep pace. Between 1980 to 2015, global production of the oil increased from 5 million to more than 62 million metric tons.
  • Indonesia and Malaysia account for over 82% of world palm oil production.
  • We are the world’s biggest palm oil importer in the world, constituting 20% of all global trade.
  • And 70% of our palm oil comes from Indonesia, the rest from Malaysia.
  • 90% of the palm oil is consumed in the form of cooking oil. Around 10% ends up in processed foods and cosmetics.
  • Palm oil constitutes 65% of all edible oils consumed in India.


Palm oil’s dirty secret


In today’s edition

Headlines That Matter

  • Coming soon: a ‘love jihad’ law in UP
  • Russian vaccine better than Oxford?
  • A desi Twitter named Tooter
  • Afghanistan moves on to meth
  • Darwin’s missing diaries


A list of intriguing things

  • A truly golden hotel in Vietnam
  • A limited edition weighted blanket sold by… Pizza Hut

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