Thursday, October 8 2020

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Yeh jitni ladkiyan iss tarah ki marti hain. Yeh kucch hi jagahon par paayi jaati hain. Yeh ganne ke khet mein paayi jaati hain. Arhar ke khet mein paayi jaati hai. Makke ke khet mein paayi jaati hain. Bajre ke khet mein paayi jaati hai... 

Yeh dhaan ke khet mein mari kyon nahi milti hain? Yeh gehun ke khet mein mari kyon nahi milti hain?... Aur kahin pe ghasit ke nahi le jaayi jaati hain.

Translation: “Girls who die like this, they are only found in certain places. They are found in sugarcane fields. They are found in arhar (dal) fields, they are found in corn fields, They are found in millet fields... Why are they not found dead in paddy fields? Why are they not found dead in wheat fields?... And they are not dragged there."


That’s a BJP leader explaining the death of the victim in the Hathras case. The UP government is now doing its ugliest to paint the killing as a ‘love affair gone wrong.’

Big Story

New rules to nix H-1B workers

The TLDR: The Trump administration rolled out stricter rules for work visas that will make it very difficult for foreign workers to get a job in the United States. But its previous big move—a temporary ban on H-1B visas announced in June—has now been blocked by the courts. This latest thunderbolt may fizzle out as well.


H-1Bs explained: This visa is issued to foreign citizens who have special skills required by a US company—which has to prove that it cannot hire an American for the same position. The application process has become increasingly difficult and expensive ($10,000). These can be transferred from one company to another if the person finds a new job. The United States grants 85,000 such visas—and 70% go to Indians who either have graduated from US colleges, or are brought into the country by US companies.


Ok, tell me about the new rules


In today’s edition

Headlines that Matter

  • Two kickass women score a Nobel prize
  • High Court springs Rhea Chakraborty out of jail
  • Google in fresh India trouble
  • Indian Railways hooks up with Bezos
  • Rihanna apologises to Muslims


Reading Habit

  • Stephen Fry and a retelling of the legend of Troy—need we say more?

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