Thursday, June 4 2020

Anil, by contrast, has dropped almost entirely from view. Long a fitness buff, he’s in even better shape than usual, starting some mornings with a punishing 10-mile run. People who know him say he’s become more religious, praying at Hindu shrines with his mother and telling friends he now finds material success hollow compared with spiritual fulfillment.

Bloomberg News just dropped what may be the juiciest reporting on India’s most famous sibling rivalry: Mukesh vs Anil Ambani. The intimate details—of their childhood, early days at Reliance, and the inevitable confrontation and humiliation (of Anil)—are remarkable, especially in the current media environment. Illustration: Parth Savla

the big story

The grand plan for ‘travel bubbles’

The TLDR: As nations across the world emerge from lockdown, many are considering travel bubbles to help save aviation, tourism and international business. But it is unlikely that India will be part of one anytime soon.


How does a travel bubble work?

The first order of business is to start doing business. This in turn requires finding a way to make international travel safe. Governments, therefore, are planning to open their borders, but only to nations that appear to have beaten back the virus. These are also called travel bridges or corona corridors. 


Are there such bubbles already?

Only a few right now. But many more such zones will be created in the coming months:

  • Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia have already created a "Baltic travel bubble" to save their tourism industry. Finland and Poland may soon join the group.
  • In order to encourage business travel and save aviation, South Korea has opened its borders with Chinaand  is already in talks with Vietnam, Hungary, Poland, and Kuwait.
  • Australia and New Zealand have set up a trans-Tasman bubble, expected to open in September. It will be expanded to include Pacific island nations like Fijiand later SE Asian neighbours such as Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan.
  • Germany is also planning to open its borders with France, Austria and Switzerland on June 15. Also in the works: a bubble that includes Austria, Czechia, Denmark, Greece, and Israel.


What about India?

It is unlikely anyone will enter into a bubble with India for now. And there are two good reasons why.



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