Thursday, July 30 2020

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[B]ut if I survive I shall... and let me tell you they are a force incensed... they traverse the entire World... from the West to the East from the North to the South ... and they are not just the Ef of this page... that extended family shall in the flash of an eye become 'extermination family'!! All I shall say to them is... 'thok do saale ko'.

That’s none other than Amitabh Bachchan having an unusual meltdown in a Tumblr post. The trigger: Trolls who’ve been sending him letters saying “I hope you die with this Covid.” This has so incensed Big B that he responded with equally ugly threats of violence. Point to note: Bachchan is currently receiving treatment in an isolation ward. On a more pleasant note: He has since moved on to writing emotional odes to his hospital caregivers. Illustration: Parth Savla.

Big Story

New rules for Indian schools

The TLDR: The government unveiled the final draft of the National Education Policy which promises to overhaul our school and university system. The good news: It takes a liberal approach and offers a bold vision. The bad news: is usually hidden in the details and will no doubt emerge in the days to come. But at first glance, the draft represents a big step forward toward greater flexibility and choice.


NEP explained: The cabinet cleared a draft of the National Education Policy—which is the third such major overhaul since Independence. The previous two big-bang changes were made in 1968 and 1986. The big-picture targets: increase investment in education to 6% of our GDP; boost enrollment in higher education by 50%; add 3.5 crore new seats in colleges and universities.


The new policies for schools


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Headlines That Matter

  • Coronavirus circulated in bats for decades!
  • Unlock 3.0 kiya jaaye
  • Sushant Singh Rajput's family calls out Mumbai police
  • Rafale has reached India


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Smart And Curious

  • How does Netflix measure a hit
  • A thought-provoking take on ‘Indian Matchmaking’
  • Legendary women united by their  hatred for ‘Sound of Music'

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