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Week 5

Viral Protests

28th November 2022

Chinese citizens streamed into the streets to express their anger at the harsh Covid safety policies. What makes this notable and unprecedented: they openly called for the resignation of President Xi and the Communist Party.

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Week 4

From Hero to Zero

25th November 2022

Since the beginning, the Chinese president has framed the pandemic as a “people’s war.” Adhering to zero Covid was not just good policy, but also a mark of true patriotism. But a policy that seemed wise in 2020 has proven to be a disaster in 2022. But why won’t Xi change his mind?

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Less Than Zero

24th November 2022

In a rare show of public fury, workers at an iPhone factory in Zhengzhou rioted against the country’s strict pandemic rules. The rules have imposed a high price on its citizens and the economy—even as Covid cases reach a new peak. The rest of the world has moved on from lockdowns and closed borders, why is Beijing refusing to budge?

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Show Me the Meat!

23rd November 2022

Back in 2020, the Impossible Burger became a global buzzword—and plant-based alternatives to meat became the hottest, most lucrative food trend. But the stocks of some of the biggest players are now plummeting—and so are sales. Is the era of plant-based meat over—and is that a good thing?

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Jet, Set, No!

22nd November 2022

For over a year, Indians have been patiently waiting for the return of Jet Airways, the once beloved airline. But plans to revive the bankrupt Jet Airways have failed to take off. What does that mean for airline prices, especially since two companies—Tatas and IndiGo—now dominate the entire industry?

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Deal or No Deal?

21st November 2022

The COP27 climate change summit was supposed to set out a concrete implementation plan for the agreements reached at the Glasgow summit last year. It resulted in a big breakthrough: the first ever fund for climate damage for vulnerable countries. And a big disappointment: no real commitment to phase out the use of fossil fuels—which creates all that damage.

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Rajasthan Calling!

20th November 2022

Come winter, and Rajasthan tends to take centre-stage. And for good reason. Check out our handy guide to Jaipur and Jodhpur for your winter travels!

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Week 3

Decentralise This!

18th November 2022

The overnight implosion of the world’s second largest cryptocurrency exchange FTX comes in the midst of a larger crisis within the tech industry—reeling from falling revenues and facing recession. Does this spell the end of the crypto dream—and will the damage spread to the great hope for tech’s future: web3 and the larger idea of decentralisation?

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Crash and Burn

17th November 2022

The value of cryptocurrencies has long been controversial—subject of an ongoing (largely insider) war between die-hard evangelists and dismissive naysayers. In this first part, we look at the apocalyptic meltdown of the second largest crypto exchange FTX—and what it signifies for the big picture in the crypto market.

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Crime Story

16th November 2022

The gruesome murder of 27-year-old, Shraddha Walkar—killed by her partner—has become the biggest story in the nation. We look at what happened—and the emerging narratives around the tragedy.

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Family Feud

15th November 2022

The Hindujas, one of Britain’s wealthiest families finally called a truce in a nasty legal battle over their sprawling empire. This story is the stuff of Hindi soap operas—devoted brothers, warring children—even a shameful case of elder neglect.

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That’s Not Cricket!

14th November 2022

Now that the pundits and fans have had their say about India's humiliating exit, here's a round-up of their most popular theses—and a look at the solutions being proposed, including sidelining the biggest names.

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Week 2

A Gathering Storm

11th November 2022

Nearly two months later, the protests have refused to die down despite a bloody crackdown. We revisit the growing rebellion—if only because so many have stopped paying attention—even though ordinary Iranians are risking their lives to keep the fires burning.

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Am Indian, Will Hack

10th November 2022

The world’s biggest law firms, powerful governments and companies rely on Indian hackers to do their dirty work for them. No, they are not hiding in the shadows—but hiding in plain sight in shiny offices in Gurgaon and Delhi—as a recent Times UK investigative series reveals.

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The Pandemic Period

9th November 2022

We look at the effect of the pandemic—which accelerated the number of little girls entering puberty at a very young age. But should we be “blocking” their development using pills? Or should we be embracing this early onset as the ‘new normal’?

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That’s My Quota!

8th November 2022

In 2019, the government passed a constitutional amendment to create a special 10% quota for Economically Weaker Sections—defined not by their caste but their household income. Yesterday, the Supreme Court upheld its legality in a judgement that may transform welfare schemes in India.

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Twitter Storm Warning

7th November 2022

Everyone is unhappy with Elon Musk’s sweeping changes—advertisers, celebrities, users and employees. Are we witnessing the beginning of the end for Twitter? The answer lies in the company’s balance sheet—rather than Musk’s personal politics.

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Week 1

Shots Fired!

4th November 2022

Imran Khan, the former Pakistani prime minister was shot and wounded at a public march by a man who claims to be a lone wolf. But no one seems to be buying his claim—especially since Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in similar circumstances. Pakistan is at a critical turning point in its history—and its future may be decided by what this shooting unleashes.

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Yer A Big Girl Now!

3rd November 2022

Over the past couple of years, little girls around the world got their first period earlier than ever before. Medical experts are still trying to figure out the causes. The equally big puzzle: should we treat the early onset of puberty in girls as a medical “problem” that needs treatment?

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Fear in the Time of Cholera

2nd November 2022

The number of cholera cases is rising rapidly around the world. And climate change is creating perfect conditions for its spread. Yet, one of the world’s primary manufacturers of the vaccine in India is shutting down production. Here’s why the World Health Organization describes the growing number of outbreaks as “a fire that is just going to keep getting bigger.”

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The Bridge of Tears

1st November 2022

A suspension bridge in Gujarat collapsed killing at least 140 people—including 47 children and over 50 women. With state elections around the corner, the tragedy has already turned into an ugly fight to assign/dodge responsibility. While there are no definitive answers, the evidence is no less damning for all parties involved.

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