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Week 2

Stereotype This

December 9 2023

The delicious freedom of being an amorphous presence in the national imagination.

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The Big Hurt

December 8 2023

We still have no idea how to measure pain—and this has severe consequences for women.

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We’re Under Water!

December 7 2023

Intensifying cyclones are a result of climate change—but poor infrastructure is to be blamed for the flooding.

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Don’t Watch That!

December 6 2023

A new bill plans to regulate everything you watch on a screen. And we mean everything.

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The Great Divide

December 5 2023

The great divide between the BJP’s North India and South India numbers–and what it means.

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The Modi Effect

December 4 2023

BJP stormed back into power in three Hindi belt states—what happened and why?

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Week 1

From Calcutta, With Love

December 2 2023

A rich history of the visual culture of postcards of a glorious city and its past.

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Telangana Trajectory

December 1 2023

Exit polls predict a Congress sweep in Telangana, but will it translate to Lok Sabha seats?

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title dog iceditor’s picks

Assassination plot: 
    A bombshell indictment

The Big Story

US prosecutors have charged an Indian official for orchestrating a plot to kill a Khalistani leader in New York.

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The rat hole miners who rescued workers in Uttarkashi

Sanity Break

The real photo of the brave rat hole miners who rescued the workers in Uttarkashi.

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Smart & Curious

Smart and Curious

Perfectly engineered blooms, a ‘cartoon cafe’ and the infinite tsundoku pile.

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The Indian rail problem:
    Slow, pricey & unsafe

The Big Story

The Indian Railways is experiencing rising losses. But the cure may prove worse than the disease.

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